Who we are

The Community Transcultural Support Services is a non-profit primary health care service organization, beginning the community-based health service navigation and information access in Calgary, Alberta. In May, 2010, the Community Transcultural Support Services was organized by those who have passions particularly serving in minority communities. Together with health professionals, registered social worker, educators, volunteers, the Community Health Support Center contributes to the health information and its service accesses, advocates, supporters, interpreters and translators as community-based health support services for future generations.

What we do

The Community Transcultural Support Services supports primary health services (e.g preventable chronic diseases, nutrition and health literacy), as community participation in primary health systems. We collaborate with other organizations on various projects to serve people with various health information and service needs to promote health in minority communities. We host public and special health events for providing health support services and health knowledge. We obtain grants, donations, and sponsorships to operate our programs.

Programs we offer

Health education programs // Navigating cancer screening services // Cancer supportive care groups // Interpretation and translation services (in clinical setting) // Psycho-social service referrals // Volunteer program development // Outreach Programs // Primary Health Care Research // Health presentations (at regional, national and international levels)