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Senior Program

New Horizon Senior Program (NHSP) 
“Worth It to Remember”

(May 2019 - March 2020)

A funded program from NHSP of Service Canada


        “Worth It to Remember” is the theme of a funded seniors-led program of CTSS granted by New Horizon Seniors’ Program of Service Canada 2019-2020. The seniors’ program is recognized for a groundbreaking and innovative work helping seniors’ raise awareness of memory deterioration and loss. The model of the project is specifically designed to have senior-led activities such as teaching, learning, telling one’s own life story and sharing talents and skills (singing, baking and so forth) of individuals’ old time. The program activities are to inspire seniors and their families, community health professionals, volunteers and community members through individuals’ life experiences of their old times. Also, program participants and community health care providers may learn to appreciate the unique challenges faced by people with needs for caring and supporting cognitive debilitates due to bio-physiological or aging factors. The funded program would result in developing a caring and supportive culture by telling life story, developing friendship, helping one another, improving recognition of one’ own achievement of the past, and incorporating today’s learning together.

        “值得記憶”是2019到2020年由加拿大新視野老人服務計劃資助的長者領導的CTSS項目的主題。這個長者項目被認為是幫助老年人意識到記憶的退化和丟失的具有開拓性和創新性的工作。項目的特殊設計模式為長者領導的一些活動,包括教學,學習和講述自己生平的故事而且分享個人過去的才乾和技能(唱歌,烘焙等)。項目的活動旨在通過個人過去的生活經驗來激勵老人以及他們的家庭,社區裡的健康工作者,志願者和社區成員。同時,項目的參與者和社區健康工作者也會學著去接受因生理或衰老因素而需要照顧的人們所面臨的獨特挑戰。這個資助的項目將將通過講述人生故事, 發展友誼, 互相幫助,提高對自己過去成就的認知度和將今天的學習結合在一起來發展關愛支持文化。

New Horizon Senior Program (NHSP) 
Seniors-Led to Bridge East (ethnic Calgarians) and West (Caucasian Calgarians) Senior Communities in Calgary.

(February 20, 2018 - February 20, 2019)

A funded program from NHSP of Service Canada

Ethnic seniors lead to bridge seniors, including Caucasian and diverse ethnic seniors living in seniors’ retirement homes and senior communities in the city. Often, ethnic seniors would not proactively connect with others. Perhaps, seniors may have had various factors regarding fear when socially connecting with others, such as low language skills and/or low confidence in communicating effectively.

The program participants would be ethnic-Canadian and Caucasian seniors, such as Vietnamese-Canadian seniors, Filipino-Canadian seniors, Chinese-Canadian seniors, English

speaking seniors and others elderly participants who live with low-income, or have minority backgrounds.

The project activities include learning non-verbal communication skills together, friendly interaction by sharing individuals’ life story among ethnic and Caucasian seniors, talent shows, and entertainment activities. The inter-cultural community activities with cohort care sense will break social barriers between English-speaking and non-English speaking senior Calgarians. Building a caring community without necessarily requiring linguistic skills, but using some basic non-verbal communication cues to increase seniors’ social interactions when possible. All elderly participants will mutually understand, accept and support one another, which will effectively bridge between east (ethnic Calgarians) and west (Caucasian Calgarians) senior communities in Calgary with maximal benefits of senior participants in seniors’ support community development.