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Interpretation & Translation Services

Translation Service

CTSS provides essential interpretation and translation services.

Many migrant patients have difficult life stories. Whether in encountering sickness and unforeseen health situations, patients will inevitably interact with the Western medicine world based on their own cultural and linguistic perspectives. These can be in complete contradiction to the outcomes that western medicine seeks to achieve. Therefore, our service can help minimize the risk of adverse health outcomes and miscommunication that can occur in cross-cultural contexts.


Social and culture factors affect the way one perceives and reacts to diseases and illnesses. Thus, CTSS' role of interpretation and translation are essential for achieving best health outcomes for migrants faced with health issues. For it is through the patient’s own health language that they will be able to most fluently express their physical discomfort.  

Team Lead

Angela Wong

Team Manager

Certified in Health & Wellness Program

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David Hao

Former Internalist in Republic of China

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Medical & Health Translation Services

David Hao

Former Internalist in Republic of China

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Annie Lo

Former Registered Speech Therapist & Pathologist of Alberta Health Services

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Chinese Community

Pei Zhong Qiu

Mandarin Speaking Representative

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Vietnamese Community

Henry Ngo

Former MD. in Vietnam

Vietnamese Speaking Representative

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The Calgary Flood Re-building Fund Grants

CTSS supports to restore community spirit, rebuild community, gathering places and enhance community resilience.

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