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Senior's Health Support Services

Health & well being of seniors in multicultural communities, Calgary

CTSS has been supporting health development and maintenance for seniors in ethno-cultural communities, Calgary. Through our peer health care services and spiritual care support offered to seniors in communities, we can strengthen ethnic communities in a way that benefits us all in developing a healthy community.

CTSS is helping seniors journey through their new horizon with person-regard care services. By providing health support services, such as one-on-one peer support, interpretation services, advocacy and so forth; CTSS seeks to prevent seniors living with a sense of loneliness and social isolation. We may improve the future health care support by helping seniors live with social (peer) supports.

Ethnic senior's health support services

Senior Health Support Solutions: Visit with seniors one-on-one and or in focus group settings for social connections, comfort and companionship

Recreational Activities: Ethnic music programs for holistic health purposes - Guo-Zheng (Chinese Harp) and Flute music, Chinese Opera singing programs, Physical activies (Kung-fu 18 movements) and Yoga (very mild physical exercises). Interpreter services will be offered between senior and health professionals on site as needed.

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